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"Trust" (2023)

48x60x1.5 acrylic on canvas

Trust in life herself. Trust in ultimate wisdom and kindness of Divinity. Belief in the highest intelligence of nature. 

This painting reveals the sensation of trust with the use of the rectangular shapes. It is steady, stable, but not stagnant. Multiple outlines provide the sense of pliability. Trust is strong and resilient. It is sustainable and it is here to stay. 

The colorful grace of lines atop represent the natural flow of life. Which establishes the dynamic of always ascending upward, and toward the higher state. Dynamism and transparency of the lines affirm the ever changing nature of life. 

The paradox of stability and constant change coexist within our human inner faith: Life always unfolds beautifully, although painfully at times;  as with one butterfly wing, we are still able to fly into the beauty of our existence.


"Aphrodite Rising" (2022)

60x72x1.5 acrylic on canvas

It is just that- the power of beauty and love rising up. Aphrodite emerges from the ocean water and she, herself, is the force of nature. The softness and the unstoppable power of the ascending goddess are palpable through the colors and direction of her shapes.


"Joy" (2019)

72x60x1.5 acrylic on canvas

Playful, abundant, unrestricted and carefree. "Joy" has you turning towards the sunshine and running through the field of sunflowers. It is laughter and well-being. Joy is the twin sister of happiness and she doesn't waste precious time and energy on anything, but enjoying being herself.


"Valley of My Dreams" (2021)

72x60x1.5 acrylic on canvas

There is a hike that I used to go on during the making of this painting. From the very top of the hill, the view of the valley would open up. Once I reached the top, I would sit and look into that valley and often think about the nature of a dream, specifically, a dream of a woman. The shapes in the painting are outlines of that valley. Red color palette communicates the raw nature of being a woman: red as lips, red as menstrual blood, red as birth of a child, red as rage, red as passion... As tumultuous as it is, the dream of a woman remains soft - white and pink elements introduce a degree of feminine tenderness. Raw and unapologetic truth of being a woman feels gutted, but remains beautiful in its dancelike fluidity. 


"Unraveling" (2022)

48x48x1.5 acrylic on canvas

"Unraveling" depicts the process of making sense of things and events, the process of deconstructing yourself and putting yourself back together, building yourself up. This process we often face alone and in the dark; we slowly transform our small and contracted reality into an expansive version that resembles a blooming flower. Through the process of unraveling, we blossom.


"Retro" (2019)

24x36x1.5 acrylic on canvas

Simple exploration of color and style. If retro style could be painted, it would look like this.


"Rapture" (2018)

48x36x1.5 acrylic on canvas

Inspired by the ripe pomegranate fruit, this painting represents the near moment of ultimate readiness, pinnacle of growth. With it's bulging shapes, that are almost breaking out of the restricting structures, and intense colours, this painting is "almost too much". 


"Heaven" (2020)

36x36x1.5 acrylic on canvas

This is what Heaven might feel like- beautiful and free. The energy flows and merges without regard for anything. It is the supreme feeling of self in the state of bliss.


"Rain" (2017)

24x36x1.5 acrylic on canvas, framed

The flow of raindrops on the glass: downward pour that cleanses. Repetitive nature of vertical lines in calming palette produces a meditative effect that possesses simplicity and clarity. 


"Luli's" (2022)

36x36x1.5 acrylic on canvas 

Work created for one of my closest friends. Composed of "muddy, yet clean" colors and with no particular shape. Aesthetic of stormy skies and blue flowers.


"Teva" (2022)

36x36x1.5 acrylic on canvas 

Inspired by my firstborn daughter, this painting portrays: the oval of her baby face in  my arms and the bottomlessness of her blue eyes that just stared and stared back at  me.

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