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As an emotion, or an intellectual concept, becomes integrated into my psyche, I start percieving it as a sensorial experience that possesses colour, texture, direction, spacial distribution.

I don't possess my creative process- I obey it. I tiptoe around the image of a particular sensation or idea until I feel confident that my perception is precise. Doubt gives way to excitement and curiosity and I transfer my impression onto the canvas with as much grace and accuracy that I can conjure. There is nothing ordinary about this process. I fine tune myself to receive, and this divine dance of creation feels like velvet- it has beauty, substance and luxury.


Hello dear viewer,

Thank you for your time and interest! 

Here is a little intro to who I am and why I do what I do. 


I paint under my art name Tais. It was the name of the Athenian hetaira, a priestess in the Ancient Greek Temple of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. By taking her name for my creative expression, I proclaim my art's mission and promise of bringing forth love and beauty. 


I was born in the former Soviet Union, to a Russian mother and Ukrainian father. I immigrated to the US on my own when I was 18, and a few years later my parents followed. I completed my formal education in nursing while living in Nevada. I now live in my beautiful home in Northern California with my four children, a dog, a cat, and a turtle. Life is busy, messy, and breathtakingly beautiful! Working as a nurse affords me not only the opportunity and privilege to observe and participate in an expansive array of human experiences, but the freedom from placing any financial demands on my art. Authenticity and staying faithful to my truth are essential to my work, both in nursing and art.


I believe that everything we do contributes to the world in some way, whether we perceive it or not. Maintaining purity of the heart through gratitude, present moment awareness, and experiences of joy - all allow us to weave our fabric of life most beautifully and profoundly. My art allows me to move between the mediums of living and painting, and to contribute to this reality in a way that it becomes more beauty-full. 

It is my sincere hope that a viewer of my paintings may experience the depth of life that I feel when I paint them.



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